Rider Training

At Wheels Motorcycle Training in association with GOLDSTAR we provide the Compulsory Basic Training course, also known as CBT, DAS, Direct Access motorcycle training course for unrestricted license, Standard and Light License motorcycle training course, to name but a few.

A CBT course is needed if you just want to ride a motorcycle as a learner. CBT certificates are now valid for two years - if after that time you still wish to ride as a learner, you will need to retake your CBT. This is a requirement for anyone, regardless of age or experience, who wants to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road. The only exception is a car driver who wishes to ride a moped, if the car test was passed after 1st Feb 2001 a CBT is still required. Obtaining your CBT certificate is a legal requirement. The course introduces you to basic riding skills and road craft.

We assure you that whatever motorcycle rider training course you choose, whether it is the CBT or the advanced motorcycle-training course, you will find it full of fun and enjoyment, with the best instructors available.

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Please call 01733 348407 or 07960 126 794 if you would like to talk to a member of our team.

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