The Insurance GAP



  • There are around 2 million new vehicles purchased in the UK every year.
  • There are over 500,000 vehicles written-off every year as a result of accident or theft.


In the event of a total loss write-off, your comprehensive motor insurance will normally only pay-out an amount well below your motorcycle’s current market value and, in many cases, less than the balance outstanding on your finance agreement.

Insurance The Facts
Insurance The GAP

The Solution - GAP Plus insurance

AMS Asste Secure GAP Plus

Dual Protection Cover

In the event of a write-off as a result of theft and/or accident AMS GAP Plus will pay the difference between A your motor insurance settlement and the original invoiced cost of your motorcycle, before deposit/part exchange, or your B outstanding finance, whichever is the greater, e.g.


RTI- Return to Invoice GAP

Original Invoice Cost - £10,000
Write-off Insurance Settlement - £6,000
Your AMS GAP Plus Payment - £4,000


Finance Shortfall GAP

Finance Settlement - £11,000
Write-off Insurance Settlement - £6,000
Your AMS GAP Plus Payment - £5,000

Please note that the information given here is only a brief description of the cover provided. For details of the policy terms and conditions, please ask for a Keyfacts® Policy Summary Document.
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